domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Yeah I've Been to Naboo, No Biggie

So it's been another week in Sevilla and I've successfully managed to continue to have no stable schedule of updating this blog in any way, shape, or form. For that I apologize, but it's all for good reason I swear. I have successfully completed my art monuments class and my first week of my phonetics class. I'll be sad to not be able to wander around the city all day and claim it's for "educational purposes." On our last day of monument visits, we went to the Plaza de España. Not only is this place beautiful with a ton of historical significance for the entirety of Spain, but it was also in a Star Wars movie, and let's be honest about which one of those facts we'd rather hear more about. For those of you who answered truthfully, it was in the second movie (chronologically) as the Grand palace of Theed on Naboo. For those of you who lied to yourselves and said you'd rather learn the history, I just took an exam on the Plaza and if you care enough to know about it feel free to reach out and ask me. I can play museum tour guide via messenger or FaceTime. Price depends on how much I like you (Various out of country rates may apply). 

On another note, I got to go with my fellow students into the SAIIE program to a local woman's home to learn how to make paella and sangria. We each got to help in some way with the preparation of the meal. As you can see in the photos below, I was a big help (No mother that is not up for debate). I would highly recommend this meal to anyone. It was quite the experience to get to help make a meal that's so prominent in Spain's culture. Another thing that is prominent in Spain is the heat. It climbs daily. The coolest day this week was 98 degrees and so far my forecast tells me that next week will be mostly in the triple digits. Luckily the mornings are a little cooler (usually 86 by 8 am). The way I see it is like the way there is the "free trial" version of hell and the way back is my unwanted subscription that can't be cancelled for the first two months. It's great. Note the sarcasm. Other than that I am still successfully loving Spain and Seville. This weekend I will be going to Marbella. Updates to come. Besos to you all. 


Hasta Luego. 

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