domingo, 18 de junio de 2017


I’ve officially given up on trying to make a schedule for this blog. You get a post when you get a post. There’s just too much going on here at all times for me to ever know exactly when I will have time to update you all on my adventures. For example, this weekend we visited the little peninsula of Cadiz. We woke up at 6:30am in order to walk two miles to the train station to meet up with our fellow classmates, where we enjoyed a hardy and authentic McDonald’s breakfast, before getting on the train to head to Cadiz. Overall, the train ride lasted about two hours, and was quite interesting as it allowed me to see areas of Spain that I have not had the pleasure to see before. Upon arriving in Cadiz, our wonderful friend and activities director, Elena, gave us a short tour of the historical parts of Cadiz and the local markets, which included a fish market and the ruins of an old amphitheater. This was quite interesting, and the town itself is beautiful. After our tour, we visited the beach! (Yes I have been to the ocean every weekend here. No I do not regret it, even with the sunburn.) This beach was one that was used in a James Bond movie, which is pretty cool. It was for some scene with Halle Barry where she pops out of the water looking successfully attractive. I cannot understand how this is possible after swimming in the ocean and emerging from the waves quite similarly to how  I would assume a shipwreck victim would emerge. Either way it was quite enjoyable as this part of the Atlantic was warmer and had big enough waves that allowed body surfing. After several hours of this, it was time to go home and treat my sunburns. (Sorry mom, I swear I put SPF 50 on like 4 different times!) I did not get to enjoy the scenery from the train on the return trip because I fell asleep on the train. I have no shame about this. I was exhausted and it was the first air conditioning I had experienced in two days.


After arriving home, we got ready and went out to celebrate some birthdays, as one guy had his birthday on Saturday and another girl had her birthday on Sunday. (Unfortunately, my birthday falls on this Tuesday so I will be celebrating with a phonetics quiz.)  This was a great time and the only comment I have on this is that Spanish clubs are my new favorite things. For those of you who know me beyond my first name, you know I have a deep love for Spanish music. Anywhere you go in the states, they do not play this music. However, in Spain this is 90% of the music genera at the clubs. I can out-sing some of the locals I have met, because I know more of the lyrics (Is this a skill worthy of my future resume mom?). Needless to say I have finally found where I belong. That’s all for now. Besos.

Hasta luego!

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